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April 20, 2015
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May 22, 2016

Not a panic button

We have often been asked how does Iamfine compare with a panic button that one can wear/carry, and the answer is that they are different services. A panic button is for emergency circumstances, whereas Iamfine is not. Iamfine is a daily reassurance of those who live alone but not an emergency service. However we wanted to help address those days when the lovedone, who is alone, might like to hear from a particular member of their care circle. We have been working on an enhancement that makes this easy and allows the lovedone to prompt a specific member of their care circle to contact them when they check in, just by pressing a number on their phone.

it goes something like this:

When the loved one checks in each day they will have the option to trigger a prompt to a member of their care circle to contact them.
"Thank you for checking in today, you may now hang up"
"...you may prompt a member of your care circle to contact you today, press 1 for John, press 2 from Mary"
and then …
"Thank you, an email and an sms/text message have been sent to Mary asking her to contact you"

This feature helps those who might be ok, but would like to prompt an a member of their care circle to get in touch. This is not to be relied on for emergency situations, like a panic button.

Now available to all users.
7th December 2015

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