FAQ's for using the IAMFINE phone check in service
How the service works
How does a loved one check in?

With any of the following methods:

  • Loved one dials in to the IAMFINE number from their registered phone
  • Loved one is called by IAMFINE and presses “1” on their phone
  • Loved one texts “OK” to the IAMFINE number from their registered phone
  • Loved one visits the IAMFINE website and checks in without calling
What happens if the loved one misses the checkin?

In Short:

The members of the care circle will be alerted if the loved one misses their checkin call.

In Detail:

If the loved one misses the call, IAMFINE will call them every 15 minutes for the next hour. 

If after an hour the loved one has still not checked in IAMFINE goes into alert mode.

In alert mode, IAMFINE will contact every care circle member

Each care circle member can select how to receive their alerts. Options include email, SMS and an automated phone call

Once the alert is cleared the entire care circle is informed that loved one is OK.

What are the IAMFINE check in numbers?

USA: 1 (731) 506-1000

UK: (0188) 745 1000

Do I need any special equipment to use the service?

No special equipment is needed. Once signed up, the loved just needs a telephone.

If the loved one wants to check in by text, their phone needs to support SMS messages.

Can a care circle member check in on behalf of the loved one?

Any member of the care circle can checkin on behalf of the loved one.

All alert emails sent to the care circle have a link to check in on behalf of the loved one.

All phone call alerts to the care circle allow for the care circle member to log in on behalf of the loved one.

When a care circle member checks in on behalf of a loved one, all other members of the care circle are informed by email that the loved one is OK.

What happens if the loved one goes on vacation?

The loved one can pause the service  whilst on vacation. Login to the website and click on “Vacation dates”. The system will send an email to the care circle letting them know about the vacation dates.

The system will automatically resume when the vacation is over.

I am a loved one and missed the call from IAMFINE. What happens now?

If you have not checked in by your self defined check in time the system will call you 4 more times every 15 minutes.

If you still fail to check in then IamFine goes into the alert phase, and notifies every member of your care circle that you have not checked in.

As a care circle member what options do I have?

Daily Wellness Notices -(On or Off)

When On – A care circle member will get a notification every time the loved one checks in. This can be either email / SMS or both.

When off – No daily wellness notifications will ever be sent

Missed Check in alerts – (always On)

The system will ALWAYS send you alerts when a loved one does not check in on time.

This will always include an email. Optional additional methods include a SMS or phone call to the care circle member.

As a loved one , how do I change a Care Circle Member preferences

Log in to your account on www.iamfine.com

Click on the grey “Care Circle” tab

On the far right click on the blue button “Manage the Care Circle”

Click on the “more options” link associated with the care circle member. This will show the current settings and a grey button to change them. Click on it and you can now change the care circle member preference – dont forget to click “Save Changes”

You will need to do this for each of the care circle members

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. No personal checks or Paypal.

Are there any hidden or extra charges?

NO – There are no additional charges. Everything is included in the one (monthly or annual) fee, including unlimited Care Circle Members, all phone calls and SMS messages.