Daily care in sheltered housing

Caring for Those in Sheltered Housing

It is your job to look after many people who live alone in sheltered housing or sheltered accommodation, you will know that it takes time to touch base with everyone every day.  In most cases it is not needed.  Iamfine allows you to “touch base” with everyone each day without the need for a phone conversation or door to door visit.  Iamfine can make a big difference allowing you to provide a daily check on each resident, with no special equipment, automatically every day.

Keeping in touch with the residents – at least once a day

If you manage sheltered housing for a number of people who live alone, Iamfine is just perfect for you.  Each morning Iamfine calls your residents and prompts them to press a single key on their phone to confirm that they are OK, without you having to visit or proactively call them.   Iamfine can help you as the carer to handle by exception those who need your support.  If one of your residents does need you attention at some point in the day, they can just stay on the line and press another digit to send you a prompt to call them back.

We have a significant housing group in the U.S.A that is using Iamfine and they and their residents love it.