Home Health Agencies use Iamfine to improve efficiency

As a Home Health Agency, it is your job to look after many people who live alone in independent housing or sheltered accommodation. It takes time to touch base with everyone every day.

Iamfine allows you to “touch base” with everyone each day without the need for a phone conversation or door to door visit.  Iamfine can make a big difference allowing you to provide a daily check on each resident, with no special equipment, and only requires a few seconds a day of your clients time.

Keeping in touch with the residents – at least once a day

Iamfine provides daily reassurance that you will be there for your clients by utilizing our automated daily check-in phone calls and alerts. Those clients who live alone may be fiercely independent but still need reassurance that if something were to happen, your agency will be notified just in time. Iamfine can assist your agency by keeping in touch with a large number of independent clients without intruding on their daily lives and overwhelming your staff. This way your agency can still be in touch with those clients who may not utilize all of your services but are still at risk.

Iamfine’s daily telephone reassurance calls ensure your clients have that protection and allows them to age-in-place for as long as possible. Iamfine telephone reassurance system can also send warning notification phone, email and text alerts to their family and friends in the event your clients miss their check-in. Our staff will work with your team to ensure all users understand the service and its functions.

Email steven@iamfine.com for more information about our Home Health Agency programs.