Iamfine Telephone Reassurance System

The Iamfine phone system is the latest generation of telephone reassurance programs developed by industry experts in the telephone and healthcare industries.

There is a growing percentage of the adult population who live alone. People who live alone tend to rely more on public health services. Whilst a few communities have volunteer staffed call services the Iamfine telephone reassurance system is a fully automated service that calls individuals on a daily basis to check on their well-being.

The Iamfine telephone reassurance system can also send warning notification phone, email and text alerts to family and friends (the care circle) in the event that the senior misses the check in.

The Iamfine service has delivered hundreds of thousands of calls since its start in 2012 and continues to grow in popularity. Here are a few key features.

For the Loved One (the person that lives alone)

  • Set your scheduled time for the daily check-in call.
  • Wait for the pre-scheduled call or check-in early by calling or texting in.
  • Going on Vacation? Turn the service off when you leave and back on again when you return.
  • Enter an unlimited number of people in your Care Circle to be contacted when you miss a check-in

For the Care Circle

  • Care Circle members can elect to be contacted by email, phone and text
  • Care Circle members will always be contacted if you miss a check in
  • Care Circle members can optionally be notified every time you do checkin.