You are a care visitor and your job is to look after a number of people that need daily or weekly care.  Your time is precious and you need to spend it with those who need your attention most.


Care Visitor

You probably have a routine for keeping in touch with each of those in your care.  Perhaps you have daily or weekly rounds to visit their homes.  But sometime there is not time to speak with or visit everyone.  This is where Iamfine can help you.  Iamfine helps  you to target your attention on those who need your assistance today.

Perhaps they are recently out of hospital, have returned home and it is your job to ensure that they are OK as they recover at home.  You have limited time and cannot visit every one or your patients each day, nor do you have the time to devote to a daily chat with them all, but you would still like them to let you know that they are OK.  Those who check in each day with Iamfine confirming that they are OK, won’t need any extra attention, whereas those who miss their check in calls or specifically request your attention can do so easily with no special equipment.

Iamfine provides daily reassurance that you are there for them if they need your help without you needing to spend the time to call them each day.  You can continue with your regular rounds and care schedule knowing that Iamfine is helping your patients let you know each day that they are OK.