Helping caregivers and families look out for their loved ones is our focus.


We are Paul and Colin and we built Iamfine as a telephone reassurance service for our mother who lives alone in Florida.

Colin lives in the UK and Paul in California.  We Skype with our mother regularly and visit her several times a year, however with our busy schedules we don’t always get to check on her every day.

At the same time, our mother is fiercely independent and doesn’t want us to worry about her. She is 90 years young and healthy; she plays golf twice a week and loves life. She wants to keep living in her own home.

We built Iamfine so that we would get peace of mind knowing that our mother is OK every day whilst allowing her to stay in her home. She has both of us and some local friends in her care circle. If she ever misses her check-in call we can rely on her local friends to stop by her house and still be aware of the situation.

Iamfine does not replace the visits or regular phone calls, it simply enhances the care for the person we love.

We have both been involved in software companies and large technology projects.  We understand how to build and maintain a robust, reliable and scalable service.  Paul helped design one of the first VOIP cloud platforms at and Colin has led many large software projects for several major UK companies.

We are proud to have created and built Iamfine into the highly effective service that it is today, and will continue to enhance and grow its value to our customers. 

Try it for your own family – free of charge for the first 14 days.

UPDATE – 2016

Since launching Iamfine as a telephone reassurance service for parents who live alone at home, we have seen it become widely adopted as a service to help people who live alone with pets.  Here is a quote from a user. 

“I’m excited to have this “daily check-in“. I live alone and I am not so much concerned about me (if I were dead I’m dead) but I’m more concerned about my three dogs and two cats should something happen to me and no one discover it….they could be alone without food or water for days or up to a week.….I feel very comforted with your system knowing that family would get to them quickly…”

“Thanks for providing such a great service!!”