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What People Are Saying

  • My daughter calls me often to check on me, but sometimes she forgets or just doesn't have the time. This service is a nice supplement to our phone calls, and my daughter always know I'm alright.
    Lindsay A (76 years old, Arkansas)
  • My mom lives alone and wants to age in her house, but we worry about her. This service provides peace of mind for us every day and allows her to maintain her independence.
    Michelle P (New York)
  • Our grandfather lives alone and is not the best with technology. He was happy we could setup everything for him, and all he needs is a phone.
    Alex R (32 years old, California)
  • I am a caregiver for my dad, but I don't visit him every day, this is a great way to know that he is OK on the days I don't see him.
    Angela S (N Carolina)
  • I live in Texas and my father lives alone in Florida. We talk often, and Iamfine helps me easily communicate with his caregiver, neighbors, and friends to make sure everything's going well.
    David H (37 years old, Texas)
  • One thing I like about this service is that I can set a daily check-in time. I set mine at 7am, and it's now my alarm clock.
    Erica P (65 years old, Florida)
  • My mom just makes a quick call each morning, and the whole family knows she is up and well.
    Adrian P
  • My mother lives alone and this helps us to know each day that she is OK, it is so simple for her and she doesn't need a computer.

Automated phone checkin service for caregivers of people who live alone

Iamfine is a solution that helps caregivers, reduces caregiver stress, and provides extra reassurance on those days when they cannot attend. The service is suitable for in-home senior care, assisted living, telecare and retirement homes. Iamfine is an automated daily call service perfect for Family Caregivers of relations who live alone. Iamfine is a caregiver tool that strengthens the community that cares for a loved one who lives alone. Iamfine provides configurable automated phone calls forchecking-in on senior citizens or others who live alone.